About Defiant Theatre

Defiant: disposition to resist; a willingness to contend or fight. Defiant Theatre commits to works that challenge safe perceptions of classical and contemporary work through productions that are bold, innovative, violent and unsettling. Defying the conventional, we strive to be experimental, experiential and collaborative with a visceral rawness of spirit. We commit to theatre that is new and old, accessible and complex, joyful and dangerous. Defying the graying of the theatre audience, we strive to revitalize theatre for future generations and to reach new audiences, targeting youth especially. We contend that art has intrinsic worth because in its impact on individuals it expresses our common humanity. Defying the safe or expected, we believe that it is in intimacy and immediacy that we can create a connection between performer and audience which will fuel theatre as an artform.

Theatre that contends. Defiant Theatre.


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